The bottom line is, we understand that marketing is crucial in a business and its success.


The Great Outdoors

We understand the importance of utilising the outdoors for advertising. People are increasingly spending less time indoors and are additionally less exposed to traditional media. Our aim is to catch consumers on their path to purchase as well as taking advantage of the shift in lifestyles. 


Why scooter advertising?


Targeted Reach

Mobelites can be used tactically, most commonly
used for store launches as well as to provoke action
in downtime periods. Experiential and tactile, we can send our scooters to exactly where your target market lives, works and plays.


We allow you complete control over when and where your media will be seen. You can choose the days, hours and location and we'll help tailor a schedule to best maximise exposure for your brand. We have no forced 'packages' or 'minimums'. We're the most cost effective advertising option because every dollar you spend goes exactly where you want it to.

High Impact

We own and operate our own mobelites, which are eye catching and unusual. We can tailor innovative designs and moulds especially for you so that you can maximise
the impact of your message.